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As previously announced, the inaugural period for free membership will come to an end on February 9th.  After that date, an annual fee will be required to maintain your membership.  A one-year membership costs $25 and a three-year membership costs $60.  Simply log-in to the web site and click on “Renew Membership.” Use PayPal for payment.

We know many of us joined early and paid $20, and many others joined after we decided to waive membership fees until February 2017.  We did this as a way to encourage people to join.  For those who paid in the early days - thanks! because those funds helped us with the Prowler Association Picnic which was such a great success at the Prowler Sunset ceremony.  Our membership is strong for a new organization - 846 members from Navy, USMC, USAF, RAF, with a healthy mix of officer and enlisted.  We’re off to a good start. 

Our annual dues will finance the continuing building of the web page, a pending scholarship program through the Tailhook Education Fund, support and sponsorship for AEA activities such as the EW Symposium, Tailhook, AEA week, etc.  We will start planning our first reunion, and commence initial planning for a Prowler Memorial at a suitable location.  All this takes funding, and most of that will come from annual dues or specific campaign fund raising.

Our web page continues to expand in content and quality.  The overwhelming share of credit belongs to Rick Morgan, a former Prowler, an aviation non-fiction author, and a member of the Boeing team in St. Louis.  Thanks, Rick!  Member inputs are always welcome regarding information and ideas for the web page.

That’s all.  Please renew your membership soon and don’t wait to the last minute.  Please ensure you complete the personal data section, especially the “Veteran” status since this is required for our tax exempt status.  If you served in any capacity, you are a veteran.

Thanks, Your Board of Directors.