Prowler Association

Prowler Association Officers

ChairmanRADM John Cryer, USN (Ret.)
Vice ChairmanCAPT TJ Williams, USN (Ret.)
PresidentCAPT Ken Parks, USN (Ret.)
Vice PresidentLtCol Todd Caruso, USMC (Ret.)
MembershipCAPT Edwin Henderson, USN
TreasurerMs. Becky Cullen
WebmasterLCDR Rick Morgan, USN (Ret.)
Senior Advisors CAPT Tom Ford, USN (Ret.)
Other Senior Advisors, TBD

Sea Stories

What are Sea Stories?

Sea Stories will be inputs from members of significant events that are historic, or humorous, or instructional, or whatever the member desires. A Sea Story should be mostly true, and not disparage any individual or command by name. All Sea Stories will be vetted by CAG Ford before being posted.