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VAQ-35 | Greywolves 1991-1993

Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron THIRTY FIVE was established on 1 June 1991 at Whidbey Island under the operational control of the Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group (FEWSG).  FEWSG had been organized at Norfolk, VA in the late ‘60s to provide realistic electronic warfare training for the fleet. By 1990 the Group had two aircraft squadrons assigned, VAQ-33 at NAS Key West and VAQ-34 at Pt Mugu, flying a menagerie of aircraft as “Electronic Aggressors” in fleet exercises.

The retirement of the Group’s workhorse ERA-3B Skywarrior in 1991 led to the need for additional jamming aircraft to support the fleet, with the gap being filled by the dedicated use of EA-6Bs in the role. VAQ-35 joined two other FEWSG squadrons in providing realistic EW training to Navy units around the globe. The new unit adopted the group’s Golf Delta (GD) tailcode and 300-series side numbers on their aircraft.

VAQ-35 was formed from the core of the recently disestablished Grim Watchdogs of VAQ-142. They adopted a modified version of the original insignia while taking a new nickname, the Greywolves. Initially equipped with seven ICAP II Prowlers, the squadron would remain the largest operational Navy EA-6B squadron throughout its existence, with up to nine flyable aircraft assigned at any one time.

The squadron made its first detachment, to NAS Miramar, on 23 June 1991 and for the next two years supported fleet units throughout the United States as well as Canada, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

Force reductions following Desert Storm led to massive reductions in dedicated EW training support under Fleet Tactical Readiness Group (FTRG, previously FEWSG) and the end of its three squadrons as well.

VAQ-35 was officially disestablished at NAS Whidbey Island on 1 October 1993.

Commanding Officers
CDR Brian Moss | 1 Jun 1991                  
CDR Tim Rivers | 4 Sep 1992