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Welcome to the initial version of our web page, which will be the Prowler Ready Room from now going forward. The structure is in place, but the contents are mostly waiting to be populated. To do this, your Webmaster needs an all hands effort to contribute photos, video, sea stories, in memoriam write-ups, suggestions for improvement, loan of old NATOPS manuals and PCLs for digitization, etc. Creating a top-of-class web page will take time, but is well within the ability of our membership. Finally, spread the word about the Association and encourage former Prowlers to join" aviators, maintainers, Navy infrastructure, industry, spouses….anyone for whom the Prowler was a significant part of their Navy experience.


The mission of The Prowler Association is to preserve and promote the legacy, history, and accomplishments of the EA-6B Prowler during its forty-three years of service. We will honor those who flew, maintained, built, or supported the Prowler, and their families. We will inform the public of the Prowler's contributions to America's military successes. We will sponsor patriotic events, hold symposiums and fraternal gatherings, assist historic memorials to naval aviation, and in general foster the memory of the Prowler and do well for our members. We will remember and honor deceased Prowlers and assist their families. Most importantly, we will foster continued comradeship for members via our professional fraternity.

Electronic Attack Scholarship

Sponsored by the Prowler Association the Electronic Attack Scholarship of $2,500 is presented annually. This scholarship is presented by the members of the Electronic Attack Community to honor those who gave their lives in service to their country while flying a Navy electronic attack aircraft which includes the EA-1F, EF-10B, EKA-3B, EA-6A, EA-6B and EA-18G. To lease more, please click Electronic Attack Community Scholarship.

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